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Latest Australian news Telstra 'staff error' continues plaguing SSU compliance "Government spending had been declining for some years; they're now on the rise. It's the case in Australia, it will be the case in the US with the new president, and Europe will follow -- in the French presidential elections, both major candidates have stated they would increase the military budget," Beylier told ZDNet. "The US is putting pressure on their NATO partners to get to that 2 percent spending target, most of them are committing to get there, so we're going to see government spending and military spending back on the rise and that's good news for us. "We need to strengthen our presence in the [US] government sector, and then NATO partners ... we think we're going to see some interesting growth in the next few years in Australia and elsewhere." SpeedCast is now providing military satellite communications to the US, UK, Australian, and New Zealand governments under a multimillion-dollar six-year deal signed in November with defence contractor Airbus Defence and Space. Under the deal, SpeedCast designed, built, and provides onsite maintenance and management of the Skynet East anchor station at SpeedCast's teleport -- a facility equipped with large antennas for satellite traffic to land -- in Adelaide; and provides training, and security and infrastructure management of Skynet East. "We signed a partnership with Airbus Defence and Space, we built two large X-band antennas, a frequency that is used only for military use, for a satellite called Skynet 5A, which they moved from Europe to over the Pacific, and which is being used by the UK government, US government, and then we hope Australian possibly New Zealand governments," Beylier said. "So we built the antennas, we're hosting them at our teleport, we are maintaining and operating those doctor home mortgage loan Oak Laurel antennas, but we also have an agreement to distribute services on that satellite, so we're in discussions with various governments but primarily the Australian government to see how that highly secure X-band service can complement what the Australian government already utilises." Similarly, SpeedCast is working with Australian Border Force, supplying it with wideband management systems doctor home mortgage loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 for military and commercial satellite networks in order to supply its boats with satellite communications as they patrol Australia's 10 million square kilometre maritime border. The agreement with Australian Border Force, signed in October 2016, also sees SpeedCast responsible for complete network management, including equipment, software, maintenance, support, and security. It has equipped eight vessels with wideband management terminals and satellite modems.

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