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Barney Glover Universities help us make the very best of disruption, ensuring we are able to ride the wave. This was particularly important in regions that have relied on blue-collar industries including Geelong, Mackay in central Queensland, Wollongong and Newcastle in New South Wales, the northern suburbs of Adelaide and Launceston. These communities have been wrenched economically, socially and at the personal level by automation, offshoring and rationalisation, he will say. For places like these, universities can be a lifeline. Glover praises the role of universities in fostering start-ups, citing a Universities Australia commissioned survey that found that four out of five start-up founders in Australia are university graduates. Many start-ups, too, have been nurtured into existence by a university incubator, accelerator, mentoring scheme or entrepreneurship course, he will say. There are more than 100 of these programs dispersed widely across the country, with many on regional campuses. He says the start-up sector raised $568m in 2016, up 73% on the previous year, and will have created more than 500,000 new jobs by the time todays kindergarten students finish high school. Glover notes Malcolm Turnbulls comments while delivering the Closing the Gap report that there is no gap between tertiary-educated Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. This statistic affirms something that most of us know instinctively, he will say. Education transforms lives. Australian universities now have 74% more Indigenous undergraduate students than in 2008. And yet while Indigenous people make up 2.7% of Australias working-age population, they account for only 1.6% of university students. The Universities Australia Indigenous strategy will set targets to maintain an Indigenous student growth rate that is at least 50% above the growth rate of non-Indigenous enrolments and ideally 100 % above.